US & Pakistan: Twelve Differences

By Danny Yazdanie -- US

1. In America spending is encouraged as it generates economic activity. In Pakistan it is discouraged and described as sheer wastage.

2. Shops remain open late, 7 days for 24 hours, as this practice provides more employment in the US. In Pakistan, they are required to close on holidays despite rampant unemployment.

3. Freeways in America are full of cars with an exit after every mile. The motorway in Pakistan is deserted with an interchange every 50 miles.

4. You can do almost anything on phone and computer in America. You can almost do nothing in Pakistan without physically going yourself.

5. It takes 1 minute to travel 1 mile in any city in America by car. It takes 10 minutes to travel the same distance in Pakistan.

6. It is easy to locate specialized doctors and attorneys, as they advertise their services for the benefit of public, in the US. In Pakistan, the information is conveyed by word of mouth, which makes it difficult to identify the right person for a job.

7. In American schools emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of life. In Pakistan, it is all theory and book cramming.

8. American teenagers take pride in cleaning their bathroom. Pakistani teens consider the task most unattractive, rather degrading.

9. American families cook themselves. Pakistani families rely on khansamas.

10. The American concept of holidays is to go out and have fun. The Pakistani concept is to sleep or watch TV.

11. Majority of American homes are spotlessly clean. Majority of Pakistani homes are awfully dirty.

12. American women at 50 look like 30 and look forward to a second marriage. Pakistani women appear well past their prime and flabby at 300 lbs court diabetes and blood pressure.

God Bless Pakistan! God Bless America!


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.