Dear Barbara Walters
By Almas Lodhie

I was very disappointed and hurt to see a preview of your “Where is heaven” segment on ABC 20/20,f Friday 16th Dec. It amazes me that someone who seems as intelligent as you chooses to interview a terrorist for an Islamic point of view??????
You go to a priest and the Dalai Lama for other opinions to present other faiths and a terrorist for a Muslim interpretation!!!!!!!
It’s a shame that you could not find a learned moderate true Muslim in the entire world. Please do not add to the gross misrepresentation of the Muslim people and their beliefs than that has already been done.
I am not even a religious person and yet I was very offended by this insensitive act on your and ABC’s part.
This e mail will probably end up in the trash; however, my conscience does not allow me not to say anything.
God bless you all and give you the sensitivity and fairness that people in your position should have.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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