Eid in Cambridge
By Sir Cam
Cambridge, UK

Back from the trip to Spain. Had great time. Went back in time, to the age of the "Moors". Went to the Muslim castle in Marbella, the Friday Mosque of Ronda, the Arab Fort in Casares, old Muslim area of Estepona, the hilltop Castillo Arabe in Salobrena. And many other sights too. I've attached one of my photos from the coast near Gibraltar (Arabic "Jabal Tariq", Tariq's Mountain).


Muslims in Cambridge celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr on Monday, October 23. Prayers were held in the Cherry Hinton Village Centre, Colville Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge CB1 9EJ. There were two prayers: 9:30am and 10:30am. Further details at http://www.cambridgemosque.com/.


Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (MECO) marked the conclusion of a month of physical fasting and spiritual devotion also on October 23. Men, women and children and adherents of other faiths were also invited to attend this blessed occasion. The function took place at Summertown Hall, Oxford. For info at http://www.meco.org.uk or e-mail Vakkas Tekin, the Secretary of MECO, at info@meco.org.uk .


As an Eid treat, the University Pakistan Society organized a "Gup Shup and Punting & Picnic" on October 23. I thought they did plenty of "gup shupping" already, but the punting along the River Cam sounds exciting. And if that wasn't enough, they're holding their Annual Eid Dinner at St John's College on October27. The menu includes: Salad of Roast Gressingham Duck - accompanied with sea scallops and pickled cucumber with ginger and rocket and soyabeans; Vegetarian: Tomato & Red Pepper Cake - with a watercresssalad & tomato remoulade. And that's just the starters!

Further details at http://www.srcf.ucam.org/cups/mainindex.php
or contact Aseer Akhter, President of the Society, e-mail:


Commenting on the last piece, Mushistan, one reader from Pakistan e-mails: "Mush is not leaving and is not likely to leave". So there! So, it will be a case of "when Mush comes to shove", that is, the time will come when he will be shoved from power like all the previous generals, military dictators of Pakistan. For how long can the people put up with this nonsense of regular military interference?

Another reader e-mails, "The problem with Pakistan is that it is full of Pakistanis". He carries on, "When the Punjabi can think beyond the borders of Punjab and the Sindhi consider himself equal to the Balochi we may have democracy". And what about the poor Kashmiris and the people of the North West Frontier Province?


Commenting on the photo attached with the last post, Dr MAJ Beg,e-mails, "It is difficult to decipher the total Islamic message in the calligraphic frieze; however, the calligraphic style is unmistakenly Thuluth/ Thulth. The message written inside the word Allah is the Ayat al-kursi: This verse expounds the sovereignty of Allah Ta'ala (God Alone) and His Majesty and Glory. It is a beautiful message from the Lord most High. The words engraved inside the word Muhammad explain the role of the Messenger of Allah. Are we worthy of the message of the Noble Qur'an ? Can we translate this message in our life with personal humility and pride in Islam?"


Received an e-mail from the above, Washington-based body. In a letter to former cricketer Imran Khan, they request him, " In matters of Pakistan Cricket, you have a unique historical duty to perform. We believe that patriotic duty is calling you, at this point in time, when Shaharyar Khan (a scion of the Anglophile, degenerate, corrupt 'Talukdar' Bhopali/Rampuri culture which, unlike the brave Rani of Jhansi, prospered after 1857 by crawling at the feet of the British colonials) has left a royal mess and a truckload of peons/darbaris, at the Pakistan
Cricket Board, who know nothing about the game."

Golly! Read many things about Shahryar Khan, who was the Pakistani High Commissioner in London for two periods in the1980's, but never anything like this. But, it must be remembered, that Shahryar is an old Cambridge boy, so all is forgiven! I think he read law at Trinity College, but some reader may like to confirm this.


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