Spring into Action
By Sir Cam
Cambridge, UK

Spring is here! What a glorious few days we've had in Cambridge. Enough to get me out of the winter blues. I hope! Things have got me down lately, hence no DIARY for four long weeks. Life is like that: down and up. However, the show must go on. Has to. There are challenges and rewards ahead. So, let's spring into action once again.
One thing that I've managed to keep up and develop is my photography. It's got me into a bit of bother as well. You should have seen Lady Beeves' jaw drop when I showed her my new digital SLR camera. "How much! Boys toys.” And I hadn't told her half of the story. Smartly I only told her the price of the "camera" (the separate lens cost more than the camera). These women think they're clever, but us men have our tricks.
The CAM DIARY is now likely to become more a CAM(ERA) DIARY. It's been drifting in that direction for a while now. Silence is golden. The less said (spoken or written) the better. Words are like swords (just add an "s" to "word" and what do you get?): sharp, cutting, killers. It's time to get visual. I'll be sharing my photos more and more.
I took a photo with my new gear on Tuesday. It is taken from King's College bridge looking across the River Cam toward Clare College bridge. The red buildings behind the bridge (in the picture) was Trinity Hall College, the creamy one on its right was Clare College and the stripy lawn was the grounds of King's College. This is Cambridge. Wish you were here!

So, what's been happening. Plenty! The University Islamic Society organized a wonderful "Islam Awareness Week," while the Pakistan Society held their annual Iqbal Dinner at the Guildhall. The Bangladesh Society also organized a very informative talk on "Islam in Britain". Coming next is the local Pakistan Cultural Association's "Pakistan Day" event on April 8, 2007. It's a busy place, Cambridge is!


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