Dear President-Elect Obama
By Mirriam Shah


Dear Mr. President

So good of you to come

Ascend your fraying throne

And claim your princedom

Your people are tired

They are dejected and afraid

Their sorrows go unnoticed

Their debts are yet unpaid

They are pleading for rescue

They yearn for some grace

Somewhere there is salvation

In your caramel smooth face

They set aside prejudice

And root out cynicism

They muster up their hope

In one collective paroxysm

You have promised change

You have clasped their hands

You have won over hearts

In faraway, foreign lands

You have charmed a nation

And embraced their pain

You have surveyed their losses

And promised them gain

So dear Mr. President

You need not despair

The stars and stripes you love

Still wave proudly in the air

The people never lose faith

This is the American way

To dream of idyllic tomorrows

To deal with the hard today

Are you the answer to all

Their mournful desperate prayers

Can you meet their teary eyes

And face their anguished stares

Can you pull us out from under

This burden left behind

Can you give us prosperity

And finally peace of mind

I shall put my faith in you

And you can put faith in me

This is how we have survived

In this land of the brave and free


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.