Auricular Medicine the Miracle Cure
  By Farzana Tausif, MD
Sylvania , OH

Auricular medicine is an alternate type of medicine that has been practiced in China for more than 3,000 years. It is essentially based on the relationship between the ear and the whole body.

By investigating the condition of the ear one knows whether an individual has an illness or not. The ear is also regarded as an inverted projection of an embryo. It records a patient’s major health problems and helps to diagnose health ailments of the past and the present and predicts future trends.

Auricular medicine consists of acupuncture and other modalities that are done on the outer ear auricular points. Roughly 200 acupoints exist in the outer ear. By stimulating the acupoints, the acupuncture needles send out impulse messages to the brain, which stimulates other areas of the body to achieve the desired number of therapeutic effects for the patient.

Auricular medicine is one of the most widely used micro systems in Eastern medicine. It is effective in treating ailments such as:

1)  Mental and emotional disturbances including anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

2)   Physical pain, for example, arthritis of any kind, headaches, and tendinitis

3)   Digestive problems, for example colitis, indigestion, gerd, and IBS

4)    Respiratory and sinus problems including, asthma, and seasonal allergies

5)    Neurological disorders like, facial tics, bell's palsy, paralysis, and fibro myalgias

6)    Skin disorders for example, psoriasis, urticaria, and eczema

7)    Obesity and drug addiction

Auricular medicine is alternate medicine with no side effects. It offers a high medical value at low cost.

      I am a family physician practicing Western medicine but I have developed interest in alternate medicine to find cures for medical problems that cannot be cured with Western medicine. The most important application of auricular medicine is by way of providing relief to chronic pain that is unresponsive to standard therapies like medication, physical therapy, nerve blocks, and surgery.

   I have found successful alternate treatment for chronic medical problems requiring long-term medication but my frustration is that no insurance company covers these treatments and this policy prevents many patients from deriving the much needed benefit.

    A few cases testify to the wholesome results obtained with auricular medicine:

Patient #1, 32-year-old male seen in the Emergency Room (ER) with complaint of acute low back pain radiating to the left leg with numbness and tingling making it impossible for him to sit or stand for 15 minutes. The patient was given pain medications but with no relief. He went to the Emergency Room again with more excruciating pain. He was given stronger pain-relief medication, advised to use crutches, and see the PCP. I examined him and found him in acute pain. I offered auricular medicine, the patient agreed, and the treatment was duly administered. Complete resolution of the problem was achieved after 4 treatments. The patient didn't take pain medication after the first treatment.

    There was a phenomenal saving in the medical cost but unfortunately there was no insurance coverage.

     Patient #2: 36-year-old female had acute lower back pain that made it impossible for her to go to work: she was diagnosed with back strain pain. Medications and muscle relaxer were given but to no avail. The pain increased. According to the patient, she was mistaken by the ER physician as a drug seeker. She called me requesting for help. When I looked at her ear, my diagnosis was that her back pain was due to her IUD causing irritation in the pelvic area. She was advised to see her gynecologist. Next day, her IUD was taken out providing her complete relief from the pain.

         Patient #3: 51-year-old female with allergies who was unable to breathe through her nose. She had been taking allergy pills everyday for years. She sought auricular treatment and was fully cured after 10 treatments.

      The purpose of this article is to create awareness about the benefits of auricular medicine. As is often said you live only once so let’s live pain-and-drug free. I wish the insurance companies could be motivated to provide coverage for acupuncture and or auricular medicine.       


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.