Imran Khan Should Team up with MQM
By Dawar Naqvi
Yorba Linda, CA


Imran Khan was one of the most successful captains who led Pakistan. The key to his success was the support he got from Javed Miandad. Without Miandad’s contribution, Pakistan could not have won the World Cup.

No captain can win without the support of his team. Politics too is like a sport: a single person cannot win the elections all by himself. In the mid-90s Imran Khan joined politics but so far he has not made much headway. He is a failed politician. There are many factors behind his failure; one important cause is his “One Man Show”.

Imran has talked about middle class leadership but may one ask where is the middle-class leadership in his own party? He talks about team work but his party sadly lacks team spirit. In the past, he criticized the Musharraf regime and did everything possible to oust the general as he pressed for the revival of democracy. To everyone’s surprise at the time of polls he decided io boycott the elections! This shows that Imran Khan needs sound political guidance.

My advice to Imran Khan is to join the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and run the party’s show in Punjab. Under the guidance of the MQM leadership Imran could be successful in the Punjab. He has admitted many a time that the MQM alone has brought the middle class to the limelight in Pakistan politics So there is a strong possibility that if the MQM nominates Imran Khan from Lahore it will win the political world cup in Punjab and solve the problems of the nation as a well-knit team. MQM has proved many times in urban Sindh that they have the ability to usher a wholesome change. Ex -Mayor Mustafa Kamal is a shining example. Without the MQM he could never have been the Mayor of Karachi. MQM’s disciplined workers were the key to Kamal’s success.

If on behalf of the MQM Imran Khan becomes the Chief Minister of Punjab, he could provide justice to the people of the province. He could do many good things for Pakistan and his province which he cannot do by sitting outside the assembly. In the current scenario Imran Khan alone cannot win the political race in Punjab against the Sharif and Choudary families. Time waits for no one. Imran is not as young as before, he has already crossed 50, and has very little time left to do something worthwhile for the country. I humbly request our ex -cricket hero to join the MQM and save Pakistan from landlords, Choudries and corrupt businessmen.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.