The Life of Perfection (Shamayal of Rasulullah saws) The Travels
By Abidullah Ghazi
Executive Director
IQRA’ International Educational Foundation


Travel on Thursday: Thursday was the preferred day for the start of Rasulullah’s travels. He would leave early in the morning after salat al-fajr. He usually shared his ride with a Sahabi.

Upon putting his right foot in the saddle, he would say, “Bismi Allahi (In the name of Allah).” After settling comfortably in the saddle of his mount, he would say three times, “Allahu Akbar (God is the Greatest).”

Du’a for Travel: In addition, he said this du’a after the ride and before the start of travel:

Glorified is Allah who has tamed this ride for us. Without His help we cannot succeed. Indeed, we shall return to our Lord one day. O Allah, we request you to grant us in this travel righteousness and piety and make us do those things which would please You. O Allah! Make this travel comfortable for us and make this distance easy for us to travel. O Allah! You are our companion in our travel and guardian of our family and property.

Sharing the Work: During long journeys, travelers would often stop to rest. For longer, overnight rests, they pitched tents, kindled fires, prepared food, and allowed the animals some respite from their burdens.

While the Sahabah wanted Rasulullah to rest, he preferred to share in the work. He would delegate responsibilities to the companions, and accept at least one responsibility for himself.

Rasulullah was in a position to be most aware of the mercies of Allah involved in any successful trip. The dangers of travel were many. As such, he spent as much time as the journey allowed in prayer and thanksgiving.

After every stop, it was Rasulullah’s habit to say two rak’aat of nafl prayer. Whenever he made an overnight stop, he started early the next day. Whenever he made an overnight stop, he started early the next day, immediately after the Salat al-Fajr.

Ad`iyah while Ascending and Descending: When his ride ascended a hill, Rasulullah (S) said this dua: O Allah! You have the honor above every honor and for You are our thanks under every condition.

When descending, Rasulullah said three times: “All Glory is for God.”

Sometimes the travelers would stop in villages. When he saw a village from a distance, he said this three times: “O Allah! Bless this place for us!”

Entering a Village: Entering the village was also done with a special du’a:

O Allah! Grant us its best friends. Make us dear to the people of this village.

Make the righteous people of this village dear to us.

Returning from the Journey: Upon his return, Rasulullah would say the same du’a as he said before he left. He would add these words: “We return from the journey repenting our sins, worshipping, and praising our Lord”.

Then he went to the masjid. He would cleanse the dust of travel from his face, arms, hair and feet with the cool waters of wudu’, and then humbly approach his Lord to thank Him for the successful journey.

When he emerged, children who had come out to greet him would get a ride on his horse or camel. Indeed, this was one of Rasulullah’s (S) most endearing qualities: his deep love for children.


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