Give Less, Get More
By Saghir Aslam
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

(The following information is provided solely to educate the Muslim community about investing and financial planning. It is hoped that the Ummah will benefit from this effort through greater financial empowerment, enabling the community to live in security and dignity and fulfill their religious and moral obligations towards charitable activities)

Yes, that’s right, you give little to the one in need and you get so much more in return from Allah SWT, the creator and the lord of the whole universe.

We see around us how people are suffering from man-made and natural disasters. There is a test in it for everyone including those who are suffering and for those who are witnessing the suffering of these people. The one who is suffering has to be patient and seek Allah’s mercy and help, whereas the one who is witnessing the sufferings of people has to be grateful to Allah SWT for the tranquility, prosperity, comfort and happiness in his/her life and not only that but to do whatever he/she can to help those going through the misery and pain.

Allah SWT is creating opportunities for people in different ways to get His eternal blessings for those who help His people when they are in need. There isn’t any such example of an investment opportunity in this world where investment is very little and the return is immense and you get the return when you need it the most. The timing of the return on your investment itself is a blessing from Allah SWT, because if it was left to us we wouldn’t know when we will need it the most.

Unfortunately, we have several humanitarian crisis going on currently including; Gaza, Burma, Syria, Iraq, IDPs in Pakistan and the displaced in CAR and Sudan to name a few.

Do not wait, act fast, the opportunity is there for you to put whatever little you can and the secret is that you give it purely to help ease the pain of the ones who are suffering. Many charities are working tirelessly on the ground to help the affected people in Gaza, Burma, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere. Donate to any charity that you trust but do not lose this opportunity.

To help IDPs in Pakistan, donate at or call on 714-767-7222.

(Saghir A. Aslam only explains strategies and formulas that he has been using. He is merely providing information, and NO ADVICE is given. Mr. Aslam does not endorse or recommend any broker, brokerage firm, or any investment at all, or does he suggest that anyone will earn a profit when or if they purchase stocks, bonds or any other investments. All stocks or investment vehicles mentioned are for illustrative purposes only. Mr. Aslam is not an attorney, accountant, real estate broker, stockbroker, investment advisor, or certified financial planner. Mr. Aslam does not have anything for sale.)



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