Exemplifying Patriotism
By Huda Khan
Tustin, CA

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” said John F. Kennedy. The President meant that people should not demand something from the country; they should show pride and loyalty instead, by helping their country. This pride, loyalty, and action for one's country are attributes of patriotism. While many people show patriotism in one way, my uncle, Farooq Sattar, shows patriotism by helping Pakistan’s infrastructure develop, by being loyal despite the dangers, and by fighting for a fair government.

Mr Sattar displays patriotism because he has helped the country develop its infrastructure. In Pakistan the roads have no lanes, the cars come from every angle, ambulances cannot get through traffic quickly, and getting from place to place takes hours. Farooq Sattar and his colleagues saw a need for freeways. Ex-Mayor Sattar found resources to finance this project and managed to create a freeway revolution in Pakistan. Mr Sattar and his party have reduced the number of car accidents and have helped ambulances reach hospitals faster. Even though Mr Sattar has shown patriotism by building these roads, he has also been willing to risk his life for his people.

Farooq Sattar shows patriotism because he never abandons his country. Pakistan is prone to violent bombings and shootings. Farooq Sattar displayed patriotism during a parliamentary meeting when a fight had broken out. The lawyers were beating members of the parliament. Mr Sattar shielded the members and was wounded in the process. Unlike other politicians who live and work outside of Pakistan, Sattar chooses to stay in his country, demonstrating that he is brave and patriotic. In order to help his people and his country, not only does he show loyalty, but he also helps change the government.

Mr Sattar shows patriotism because he fights for what is right. In Pakistan, voting is not always fair for the candidates and does not always represent the will of the people. Farooq Sattar is patriotic because one of his major goals is to change the voting system in order to make elections fair. He could sit around not caring about what is going on like other politicians, but instead he chooses to be a “rebel,” protect his people, and encourage reforms. For these reasons, Farooq Sattar displays patriotism.

Patriotism is an act of loyalty to one's country. Mr Sattar exemplifies patriotism by being imaginative, brave, and fair.



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