Where Angels Fear to Tread
By Dr I. Kamal

These days, the press and TV talk show programs are rife with speculations on any hidden deals behind the recent Saudi grant of $1.5 billion in aid to Pakistan, based on the justifiable belief that “there is no free lunch”. The Prime Minister, in very carefully chosen words, has asserted that Pakistan does not intend to send ground troops to other countries. This is good news. However, there is another danger. According to an editorial in the Daily Times dated February 24, 2014, there are reports that Saudi Arabia is trying to convince Pakistan to sell it Pakistani-manufactured anti-aircraft missiles, known as Anza, and anti-tank rockets, to arm the Syrian rebels. Countries which put their own national interests first have been wise to keep their hands off the proxy war which Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting in Syria. But "fools walk in where angels fear to tread".

There is a danger that that the present government may accede to the Saudi request in return for favors rendered in the past, and for monetary gain in the present. This could prove disastrous for the Pakistan Army, which has finally been given the go-ahead to fight back against a bunch of cut-throats and killers of innocents.

It was the stinger missiles which undid the Soviets in Afghanistan and, if Pakistan's weapons find their way back into Taliban hands, it would pose a great danger to the country. I thing the Pakistan Army needs to put its foot down very strongly on this one.




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