Pakistan My Friend
By Binish Ahsan


It's where every two hours vanishes light

Sweating in summers, day and night

  Whether in restroom, or you mop

Sobbing for water, paying every single drop

Waiting months for landline's ring bell

Standing in queue and using the cell

Making request in front of the lord

He is a mere tailor, not the God

Huge crowd craze, for doors to open

Its summer lawn sale for mothers and kin

Alluring facials and spa pedicure

Where saloon pleasures never let you bore

Waiting for gulf to open at 1:00

Small shopping brings so much fun

  Driver, gardener and maids for sure

Halwa puri, meetha paan,l onging for impure

  Parktowers & forum, festivals & fairs

Heard about bomb blast, no one cares

  Weddings and parties, enjoying blowdry

Bouncing straight hair, no frizz and cry


Copper kettle, Arizona grill and iftar deals

Wandering on Zamzama, looking for matching heals  

Pakistan Zindabad, I miss you friend

Holding blue passport, still loving my homeland



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.