The Revenge by the Disintegrated Empire
By Dr Aslam Abdullah
Las Vegas, NV


The Soviet Union was defeated. Its army was humiliated and the super power scattered like a pack of cards into smaller countries. It was one of the biggest earth-shaking events of the last century. It caused the collapse of the largest espionage agency that ever existed. It rendered the nuclear arsenal of the former superpower useless. It made millions of people unemployed. The world changed and the empire described by another empire as the evil empire collapsed. 

It all happened because the United States played an active role in the dismemberment of the rival superpower and used the occupation of Afghanistan as a pretext to establish its supremacy in world politics. 

Thousands of Afghans lost their lives, billions of dollars were spent to lure fighters from all over the world to Afghanistan to cause the worst humiliation to the Soviet Union. But who cares. Human life has always been the cheapest commodity in our world.
What, then, do you expect from those unemployed KGB operatives all over the world who lost their livelihood because of the US? What do you expect from those illegal weapon manufacturing units all over the world run by the former Soviet agents who lost their regular revenue? What do you expect the weapon experts to do with the unused Soviet arsenal?
In the eyes of an average Russian, the United States is to blame. For KGB and the Soviet Army, the US is the one that caused their misery through disintegration. of their main employer, their national government. In a world where national and ethnic pride determine policies and political and social behavior of most people, it would be naive to think that the KGB would not strike back.

It has struck back in its own ways and those who understand the world of intelligence know exactly what has been going on in our world today.
What is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or Pakistan and what would happen in other Middle Eastern countries as well as in Europe in years to come, is the outcome of this revenge tactics on the part of the former superpower. 

Money can buy anything and former KGB players and their supporters are buying terrorists, anarchists, and war mongers. The intelligence agencies always operate through their henchmen. When CIA worked in Afghanistan, it did not send its field officers to distribute money to Afghans. It worked through the government of Pakistan and several Islamic organizations to channel its funds and export its ideology. When the USA went into Iraq, its secret agencies worked through religious leaders from among Shias and Sunnis to run its operation. 

In Afghanistan, it was through the religious leadership that the CIA managed to develop an Islamic curriculum for schools opened for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and elsewhere. It was through religious scholars that the CIA worked to convince the masses that violence for the right cause is always justified and loved by the divine. Its scholars found religious texts to support this ideology.
Why, then, anyone would think that the non-existent but ever present KGB would not use the same tactics in an improvised manner? Why do you think the Russians would not use ISIS, ISIL, Iran, Syria for their purposes? Why do you think the Russians would not exploit the prevailing conditions in the United States to create more chaos and fear and impact the forthcoming elections.
The Russian espionage is alive and well. Now that one of our presidential aspirants has endorsed the Russian espionage and even encouraged to actively spy on his rival, the Russians will feel emboldened to pursue their political goal. Their objective is to ensure that the US loses its edge as a superpower and suffers catastrophic economic and political disasters. If in this war, the Russians have to use Islam as a scapegoat, they would not hesitate. Why should they? When the CIA also used Islam and Muslims to pursue their political interests, Russians feel justified in following the lead. 

The Muslim political and religious leadership is myopic. It does not see anything beyond its own narrow ethnic, sectarian and selfish interests. It can sacrifice anything for its egoistic goals regardless of the price people might have to pay.
Let us be prepared for a long war that is much colder than the cold war and in this war of revenge, besides the US, Islam and Muslims would also be the major casualties. The White Christian right wing evangelical establishment in the US and the West is not thinking beyond its racism and religious bigotry. It is willing to sacrifice its own freedom to ensure that non-white, non-Christians do not occupy positions of significance in world politics. Its endorsement of the Republican candidate is a testimony of its eagerness to commit suicide on the altar of hate.
The world is in a big mess and in the days, months and years to come, the mess would expand creating destabilization in every society and community unless the people under a sincere and honest leadership emerge for the betterment of all and not just one nation and group. Welcome to Jahiliya (Days of Ignorance) when tribal, ethnic, cultural, religious and nationalist wars were justified to perpetuate revenge, plunder and murder.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.