Manage Busy Period at Work, it will Translate into $$$
By Saghir Aslam
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

(The following information is provided solely to educate the Muslim community about investing and financial planning. It is hoped that the Ummah will benefit from this effort through greater financial empowerment, enabling the community to live with dignity and fulfill their moral obligations towards charitable activities)

We all have busy periods at work--the times when work is piling up and you can't avoid it. However, there are techniques you can use to combat the stress of a busy workload. Below, we take a look at how to manage stress during busy periods to help you lead a more balanced work life.
Plan for a Break
If you work in the type of industry where you can predict your "busy season," plan for a break before and after the hard work hits. A couple of days off beforehand can help you clear your mind and come into work refreshed and ready to take on the tough workload.
After the busy season, plan for a vacation where you can unplug and recuperate. It will be much easier to handle your high-intense workloads in short bursts if you give yourself time to prepare and recover for it.

Simplify Your Life
When you're in the heat of your busy season, the last thing you need to worry about is your unfolded laundry or starting up a new personal project. Allow yourself the capacity to focus on your work by simplifying other aspects of your life.

Get Moving
Although you'll want to cut down on certain tasks in your life, exercise should not be one of them. Exercise can reduce stress and improve productivity, yet it's often one of the first tasks to go when your life gets busy.
If you can't find time to make it to the gym, explore other ways you can get your exercise in.

Take Care of Your Body
Aside from getting your exercise in, you can't forget to take care of other aspects of your body and health. If you aren't attentive to it, you'll only become more stressed and burnt out.
Start by making healthy food choices. With small, frequent meals throughout the day, you will maintain an even blood sugar to help keep you focused and energized while avoiding irritability.
Don't forget to get plenty of sleep at night, either. Stick to a routine, and aim for eight hours of sleep per night. If you don't give yourself time to recharge, you'll only wake up dragging your feet and performing poorly at work.

Find Your Flow
Some people are more naturally productive during the early hours of the morning. Others get more done late at night. Find when you're most productive, and work during these hours (if your boss allows for the flexibility).
Working when you're least productive is futile. It will only stress you out more without getting much done. It's not about how many hours you work; it's about the work you complete in the hours you do work.

Set Aside "Me" Time
Even if it's just five or 10 minutes per day, you need to take a breather. Unplug, and engage in an activity that helps you relieve stress--whatever that is for you. You might read a book, take a bath, play a game on your phone, or enjoy a short yoga session. The idea is to let go of your stress so that when you return to work, you can work more productively.
Consider allowing some time just for yourself. It is very important when you are busy. If nothing else just sit in your favorite place, do some rest and relax. Thanks to Allah (S.W.T) for his abundant blessings. We forget Allah (S.W.T) so many blessings which we could never ever count. This is the time you want to do rest, relax no pressure simply rest and relax. What will you get from this? Loads of energy, more energy than you can ever imagine. You will pull off bigger vitality after this little exercise. It actually enhances your performance and health. Try this and you will love it.

Don't Overwork Yourself
It's okay to work overtime when you have a lot of work to do. What's not okay is only working through these high-stress times. The more you work, the less productive you become throughout the week. You need a break.
By the time you hit 56 hours in your work week, your productivity steadily declines. Overworking doesn't necessarily mean you accomplish more.
Don’t over work yourself. Working hard is good for your health. I am a perfect living example of hard work but there is a great difference in working hard and overworking. As I wrote above working hard actually, truly is good for your health, overworking is not. Let me share with you Allah’s Blessing I only sleep average 4 to 5 hours a night and I am perfectly fresh all the time. However during the day I go and take a nap. Not typically Pakistani 2-4 hour nap simple 25 minutes nap. This 25 minutes nap actually is much better than hours of nap. From multi hour nap you wake up lazy. You feel like you want to sleep more. 25-minute nap makes you fresh and you are ready to go to work.

Reflect on Your Busy Season
Once your busy season is over and work slows down, set aside some time--even if it's only 15 minutes to reflect back on what worked and what didn't work for you during this high-stress period. Outline how you'd like to tackle the issue next time, and you'll be prepared for when work volume increases again.
With these tips in mind, you can tackle your high work load without stressing yourself out completely. Remember: There is no single formula for what works for everyone. Find what works for you, and you should see success.
(Saghir A. Aslam only explains strategies and formulas that he has been using. He is merely providing information, and NO ADVICE is given. Mr Aslam does not endorse or recommend any broker, brokerage firm, or any investment at all, nor does he suggest that anyone will earn a profit when or if they purchase stocks, bonds or any other investments. All stocks or investment vehicles mentioned are for illustrative purposes only. Mr Aslam is not an attorney, accountant, real estate broker, stockbroker, investment advisor, or certified financial planner. Mr Aslam does not have anything for sale.)



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