Nida Fazli's Intizar in English
By Elizabeth Kurian 'Mona'
Hyderabad Deccan

Nida Fazli's passing away is a great loss for the literary
world. His contribution to Urdu poetry cannot be forgotten
as his ghazals, nazms, and film songs are all time
I share my translation of his Urdu nazm “Intezaar”



Years have passed by,
You have not yet come.
Every day, life wanders in the desert of the sun
Night, tired out, sleeps in the cave of the moon
Flowers bloom awhile, then fade away
Each intoxication recedes after reaching its peak;
Time blows away with the faceless winds
You are like a sway of a lush voice
Like the brightness in a silent smile,
Like eyes shining in a face
Like eyebrows, like trees, like arms,
From the moon to the flowers,
It is you and only you, but
You are not any face, any body, any name;
Wherever you are,
Like reality, you are incomplete,
You are no dream, which alone can be complete.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.