Ho Mann Jahan : An Enjoyable and Purposeful Endeavor
By Rafiq Ebrahim
Winfield, IL


It seems that Lollywood has at last been revived. Ho Mann Jahan is the third praiseworthy movie that has been released internationally; and again it is because of the cast and crew of TV in Pakistan who deserve the credit. Our regular film ‘wallahs’ are in deep slumber, and they need to be there, because it is they who were responsible for the downward fall of the industry by making trash after trash.

Shoaib Mansoor, TV wizard, took a bold step years ago by making Khuda Ke Liye; and earned international acclaim; then he came up with Bol, another meaningful movie which also proved a hit. Unwittingly, he opened up a wide platform for more TV producers to come to the fore and revive the film industry. The talented and bold people from TV industry took up the challenge and are now making worthwhile movies.

Ho Mann Jahan, produced under the banner of ARY Films, by Asim Raza, a noted TV director and commercials- maker, Jamal Shah and Sheryar Munnawar, who has also acted in the movie, is an enjoyable and purposeful film that focuses on a strong story-line. ‘While choosing a profession follow your dream and your heart’s dictate’ is the theme which has been deftly woven into appealing scenarios, resulting in neat imaginative direction. The story revolves around three college mates, Mahira Khan, Adeel Hussain and Sheryar Munnawar. They are close friends, each devoted to music, which is the passion of their lives. Mahira and Adeel fall in love with each other, while Sheryar becomes the third side of the triangle, an unsuccessful lover but a sincere friend, who keeps on failing in his studies and is looked down upon by his father. There are obstacles and parental objections in their ways, but they struggle to achieve their goal.

Asim Raza has proved his mettle by cleverly handling the theme, focusing on it and not bringing in unnecessary actions or comedy (as happened in Dilwale). Because of this, the movie outshines some of the other Indian films screened at the same time in different auditoriums in the same Cinema House. The director is amply supported by the main lead and also by others in the movie.

Mahira Khan once again has given a memorable performance, looks stunning and acts like a true professional. Adeel Hussain and Sheryar (the two good-looking guys, referred as ‘ghar ke murghey’ by Mahira in a BBC interview) have given a noteworthy account of themselves, and so has Nirma Buchha who plays Mahira’s mother. Jamal Shah is impressive as Mahira’s strong-willed father. The guest artiste Hamza Ali Abbasi, made up as an old fakir, proves his versatility. A lot was expected of Bushra Ansari, but either too many layers of make-up or Botox mars her appearance, and it seems clear that she is a misfit in the role assigned to her as Adeel’s mother deadly against his son mixing with his music-minded friends.

The movie has a pleasant musical score and songs, imaginative photography, and lovable locales. Watch it, for it is definitely a four-star movie.

Overheard in the Cinema lobby:

‘Yaar yeh TV stars kitne ache lagte hain. Purane film stars kaha gaye?’

‘Woh bakwas filme bana bana ker ab so rahe hain.’

‘Suna hain ke Syed Noor or Sangeeta Begum nai filme bana rahe hain, Syed Noor ne Amir Liaquat ko hero sign kiya hae. Woh ek scholar ka part karte hain aur Saima se romance karte hain. Aur Sangeeta ‘Tum Hi To Ho’ bana rahi hain.’

‘Berra gharak! Allah Khair Kare.’

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