Let a Widow Earn for Herself with Dignity and Respect!
By Saghir Aslam
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

(The following information is provided solely to educate the Muslim community about investing and financial planning. It is hoped that the Ummah will benefit from this effort through greater financial empowerment, enabling the community to live in security and dignity and fulfill their religious and moral obligations towards charitable activities)

Ramadan Mubarak! We are in the first Ashra of Ramadan, before we know it will be gone so making the best out of our time should be the focus this Ramadan. Make sure you have a goal set for this blessed month which is helpful in being focused.

To change someone’s life we do not need to invest thousands and millions but a simple investment of few hundreds through providing couple of goats could bring immense financial stability to a struggling family particularly a widow headed family in the remote and rural areas of developing countries.

This investment has done wonders for thousands of families in different parts of the world who have pulled themselves out of the poverty cycle with the donation of goats.

This is in most cases a life time investment which helps families to have proper food, provide education to their children, have proper shelter and access to other basic needs. In most of cases people in rural areas have some basic skills of goats farming which means they can easily sustain this program themselves.

The way it works is a four female goats and a male goat is given to a widow in the community who is responsible for properly taking care of these goats. This is often a loan and to pay back, each time the goat gives birth, the male offspring is given to another community member. This applies on each and every community member which gives opportunity to others to benefit from this program.

They not only get milk, butter, cheese but in some cases they can also sell goats once their herd has increased in number.

A good quality goat normally would cost $300 in a developing country such as Pakistan, else where the cost may vary, which will not only provide milk and other dairy products to the widow in need, but a sustainable source of income to live with dignity and respect. She won’t need

There are number of organizations locally, internationally and in developing countries that are running such projects at different scales where there is extreme poverty.

It is important that we encourage people to make effort, do their part and help themselves while we assist them with whatever their shortcomings are.

To donate you can log on to www.sabatrust.org , call on 714-305-5425 or email us at: info@sabatrust.org

(Saghir A. Aslam only explains strategies and formulas that he has been using. He is merely providing information, and NO ADVICE is given. Mr. Aslam does not endorse or recommend any broker, brokerage firm, or any investment at all, or does he suggest that anyone will earn a profit when or if they purchase stocks, bonds or any other investments. All stocks or investment vehicles mentioned are for illustrative purposes only. Mr. Aslam is not an attorney, accountant, real estate broker, stockbroker, investment advisor, or certified financial planner. Mr. Aslam does not have anything for sale.)



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