Introducing Students to Fascinating Scientific Advances by Holding ‘Science Mela’
By Dr Saadat Anwar Siddiqi
President Khwarizmi Science Society


As part of its National Science Movement, the Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) organized a science exploration session at Lahore’s historic Government Central Model School on 9 September. The session comprised motivating lectures and practical science demonstrations with the purpose of fascinating students and teachers and bringing home the idea that science is relevant, interesting and important in the national educational discourse.

Central Model School, Lower Mall, Lahore, is one of the oldest schools in the Punjab established in 1883 as a middle school in a building of Anarkali Girls High School, opposite to the main hall of the University of the Punjab. The middle school was upgraded to high school level in 1888 and shifted to a portion of Central Training College, Lower Mall. Due to shortage of space in the training college, it was shifted to the present magnificent building in 1891. Mr M.A. Makhdumi was its first Muslim headmaster from 1940-1947. Later o,n Mr Ghulam Nabi Butt served from1959-1970 when the discipline, performance, and reputation of the school was at its peak. It has produced a large number of eminent scholars, scientists, engineers, politicians, artists and administrators to serve Pakistan.

Dr Saadat Anwar Siddiqi, President KSS, an old student of the school, told the students that they should feel proud to be part of the most prestigious school of the region. He also urged them to take keen interest in emerging disciplines of science such as biomedical materials, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Dr Siddiqi demonstrated the properties of superconductors by levitating them in mid-air using liquid nitrogen, and the evanescence of liquid nitrogen. He also apprised students about artificial bones and biomaterials and how developing indigenous solutions are vital for addressing Pakistan’s problems of dealing with major natural calamities and accidents.

Kumail Abbas, Executive Member KSS, showed the students how a chemical fountain is built, reacted sodium with water to produce hydrogen gas, and revealed mind-boggling patterns of sand on a vibrating plate formed due to resonance. Dr Asma Shah from COMSATS showed interesting insect and animal slides on a microscope.

The School’s Principal M. Abdul Haq and Headmaster Mr Tahir Chisti lauded KSS’s and their partner Alif Ailaan’s efforts for the popularization of science and asked the Society to continue their outreach efforts in collaboration with the School.

Members of the Khwarizmi Science Society have visited Swat Valley and Sindh to motivate school children with fascinating science demos.,



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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