A Ray of Hope for Helpless Widows in Pakistan
By RamshaRehman

What’s the purpose of helping someone if you’re making them dependent on another being for even basic necessities like food, shelter or clothing? What’s the whole point of your “help” and assistance if you have to provide it over and over again to someone in need? That really means you’re depriving them of self-sustainability for all their lives.
The most generous help of all is when you teach someone a skill that makes them self-sufficient for a life time, the most powerful support and aid is when you create independent individuals who don’t have to wait for someone else for their own survival. When they no longer have to constantly look up to someone for their own fate, when they do not feel inferior to anyone, that’s when you’ve truly helped them. And that is the only assistance any society should give and ask for.
Today’s Pakistan is unfortunately facing countless challenges which have become a barrier for its progression towards success, development and prosperity. Among these challenges, illiteracy and poverty are on top of the list. We as a nation need to strive and aim to eliminate these issues and make it our priority if we want to achieve sustainability in the future. We need to empower women, men and children to step up and earn livelihood for themselves as well as their families on their own. So that they would never have to await hope and seek help from anyone else ever again.



Imtiaz Bibi is a 64 year old widow living in Khadyot suburbs of Kahuta and this is her story of how she found her blessing and happiness through Saba Trust’s widow welfare program.
“My husband passed away 10 years ago. It wasn’t his fault I know but he left without even thinking what would happen to me and our daughter. I looked for work but couldn’t find any because of my age and the locality we lived in. Suddenly, I was the sole bread earner for my home now with no source of income. We used to spend days when we had nothing to eat and had to take food from our neighbors. Our relatives offered to help, but I didn’t want to depend on others. Time passed, and our condition got worse. Left with no other choice, I had to accept help from our relatives. All these years, we have awaited them to send us something so that my household would keep running. We had gotten used to miseries when one day, someone knocked on my door and asked if I was Imtiaz Bibi and that they were from Saba Trust who came to give me goats from their widow welfare program so that I could live and earn for myself. I had never been happier to say “Yes I’m Imtiaz Bibi”. I still can’t believe how God sent these people as a blessing for me at a time when I had lost all hope. I’m now the proud owner of 7 goats and my flock is growing month after month. I no longer have to ask for money from anyone as I can take care of myself and my daughter and live a respectful life. Sometimes, God sends help in the most astonishing ways. I know it might not be such a big thing for others, but for me, this changed my life and I will always be thankful to God and these great people that are helping those who can’t help themselves. I call them Angels.”
This is just a glimpse of one of the many lives that Saba touched and shaped through its widow welfare program. You can also become the source of someone’s happiness and welfare like this by joining hands with Saba. Bacause empowering women will create better generations and in turn create a thriving, brighter and progressing Pakistan. This is a continuing journey which has now spread to Pakistan’s deprived areas of cities like Wanhar, Chakwal, Kahuta and Attock as well, knocking on the doors of all those helpless widows who had lost hope and are in need of our support.
Come and join hands with Saba Trust widow welfare program and be a part of the mission where they constantly strive to make a difference in the lives of these unfortunate women. Your support and contribution can change so many lives and create better futures for even more. Empower a woman, empower a whole generation!



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