An Enlivening Eid Dinner
A Pakistani Link Report

The COPAA Eid Party at the glittering LA Westin Hotel hall on November 19 was a rare event. The community turned up in record numbers. The event brought together Pakistani-Americans of all ages and backgrounds. The young and the old, IT experts, medical doctors, and entrepreneurs, provided proof of a closely-knit community. The event seemed to vividly demonstrate the collective strength of the community. The air of festivity was marked and all too evident.

Above :Glimpses of the COPAA Eid Dinner

Prominent community members, including Mr. Safi Qureshey and Mr Ahmad Adaya, were among the attendees. Mr. Noor Mohammad Jadmani, Consul General, was also present. He presented a plaque to former COPAA President, Mr Ahmed Ali, in recognition of his services.
The audience was thoroughly enraptured by the fashion show, songs, bhangra dance, and skits presented by a large number of talented artistes.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Hamid Malik, COPAA President, remarked: “This evening we wanted to provide you with good food, great entertainment and a profound speech. I can promise you we will deliver you on two of these goals. In fact, when the organizing committee heard that I was going to deliver a speech, they promptly reduced the cost of admission.” The modest Mr. Malik was wrong. He delivered on all three promises. His speech was both profound and thought-provoking. A few excerpts:

“Seriously, my friends, today we live in a different and challenging environment. It is a challenge to our identity and our faith. The very subject of discussion in our social gatherings has changed. We now discuss the environment our children are going to face in future, and their acceptance in American society… I believe it is a very critical time for us here in the United States. We must understand the gravity of the situation. We need to work together, help each other out. We need to ensure that our rights as Americans are protected… America is a great society and a great country. Let us not for get that our community adds to this greatness. Now we must move a step further and ensure that the overall society understands this…”

He exhorted members of the community “to work together in building a community that is a pride and joy for all of us…. I would also like to see our community helping each other like one big family…”

Similar sentiments were expressed by the other COPAA members who spoke on the occasion.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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