Nasim Ansari Reelected Commissioner

Nasim Ansari (Rep), an American of Pakistan origin was rewarded for his dedication, hard work, sincerity of purpose and above all his tremendous contribution to the local community, when he was reelected for the second term as the Commissioner of Kalamazoo County in the 9th District of Michigan State in the recently nationwide Elections held on November, 2 2004 in USA.

In an Electoral District that is predominantly White (90%) and less then 1% Asians, Nasim Ansari’s victory by a wide margin of 57% votes over his Democratic Party challenger, Lowell Seyburn, Michigan's prominent attorney, was a testimony to his respect for traditional family values, his valuable experience with the functioning of the local government, his tremendous contributions in serving the County, and above all, his immaculate and clean track record.

Belonging to an educated and well known Ansari family of Sindh, Nasim completed his schooling at Saint Mary's High School Sukkur andlater ob tained a Postgraduate Degree in Chemistry and Diploma in Business Administration from the Sindh University, Jamshoro. Later on migrating to the USA in 1977, Nasim went to Western Michigan University at Kalamazoo and obtained a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Besides serving as a member of Portage Ground Water Commission and later as its elected councilor, Nasim, a retired government employee, is presently Vice-Chairman of the county's Inter-Governmental Cooperation Committee, Member Board of Directors Kalamazoo County Convention and Visitors Bureau, a Kalamazoo County representative on the Local Development Finance Authority and a Member of the Kalamazoo County Environmental Health Advisory Council. Nasim is also the President of the Pakistan-US Association of Michigan, an affiliate of the Pakistani American Congress.

The 57-year-old Ansari, who is naturally grateful to Allah for his success, also feels obliged to his family, friends, and especially his wife R ashda. Last but not the least he is grateful to the people of the 9th District of Michigan to whom he offers his gratitude for reposing their trust and confidence in him.
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