PAKPAC Welcomes Ambassador Ryan Crocker’s Comments

The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee has welcomed the comments made by United States Ambassador, Mr. Ryan C. Crocker in his recently published article in the opinion section of Dawn. “His comments regarding the encouragement to Pakistani students to pursue and continue education in the United States are greeted by the Pakistani American community and their organizations, “ a PAKPAC statement says. It adds:

“We welcome the increase in the Fulbright fellowships for Pakistani students and are encouraged at the use of the new SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) program which electronically links the college and university admission process directly to the US consular offices around the world. This program should ensure that the key information about student admission flows smoothly and quickly.

“In the recent years there have been an increasing number of Pakistani students who have had difficulties obtaining visas despite obtaining admissions in some of the best universities in United States. Similarly, a large number of medical graduates including medical residents have not been able to get their visas and background clearance checks in a timely fashion. The slow processes for the above have led to many hospitals across the country having to work with less than planned physicians. This has placed increased burden on fellow physicians and placed the communities of these US-based hospitals serve at a higher risk of medical complications and/or timely services.

“While it is critical that the security of United States be made a prime goal when allowing students and visitors to enter US, the process should be made much more efficient to allow appropriate decisions to be made in less than 2 weeks time. In the recent past, many individuals have had to wait for many months (6 plus months at times) for such clearances, thus taking away critical time from their educational careers. Such slow procedures also lead to loss of tuition fee paid by these individuals, their time of graduation ….

“Ambassador Crocker’s comments should be welcomed by all Pakistanis and Pakistani Americans. The action that the US Consulate is undertaking to make systems much more efficient will have long lasting benefits for the universities here in the United States as well as allow many of the eager students in Pakistan who will benefit from the superior education system that US has to offer.

“PAKPAC will continue to work towards strengthening Pakistan and United States relationship. The current focus of both countries towards investing in the education of people of Pakistan (both in and outside of Pakistan) will bear positive results for the entire region and United States.”


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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