A Forum for Pakistani Americans

The Pakistani-American community is on the march. It comprises dynamic groups of doctors, academics, IT experts, entrepreneurs and individuals who have excelled in different fields. Neither mainstream US media, nor papers published in Pakistan, mirror their strivings or report on their successes.
Pakistan Link does! It serves as an effective forum for Pakistanis in the US. It presents their perspective on Pakistani, Pakistani-American, and religious issues.

The paper is not a mere cut-and-paste exercise. It has an impressive list of writers who contribute original pieces. They include: Professor Akbar Ahmad, Professor Khalid bin Saeed, Professor Stanley Wolpert, Bapsi Sidhwa, Arif Hussaini, Mowahid Husain Shah, Dr Amjad Husain, Dr Nayyer Ali, Dr Mahjabeen Islam, and Dr Ahmad Faruqui.

Pakistan Link does not promote gossip. It steadfastly follows a policy of promoting the solidarity and ideology of our beloved country. A continent and an ocean away from Pakistan we need to stand on a single platform.
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