Hasan Chishti to Participate in World Urdu Conference

Chicago: Mr. Hasan Chishti, General Secretary, Jahan-e-Urdu Foundation, USA has been invited to participate in the A’lami Urdu Conference to be held in Hyderabad in November 2005 under the auspices of the widely circulated daily newspaper ‘Siasat.’ Delegates from all over the world are expected to participate in this mammoth event, which is to open new horizons in the areas of communal harmony, national integration and international brotherhood.
Mr. Chishti is recipient of Asrar-ul-Haq Majaz World Urdu Award, Delhi (1988). Community Service Award, City of Chicago (1996), Architect of Urdu Award from Elders Council of India (1997), ‘œNuma-ind-e-Deccan’ from Osmania University Old Boys Association USA, Life-time Achievement Award from American Writers Society (2001), Urdu Literary Award from Delhi Urdu Academy (2003),and Annual Literary Award from Urdu Writers Society of USA (2004).
For a long time he performed the editorial tasks for the Urdu monthlies Pasban and Akash and English weekly Munsif which is now published in Urdu from Hyderabad. He was for nine years Chicago Bureau Chief of Pakistan Link, a widely circulated weekly in English and Urdu, published from Los Angles. While in Saudi Arabia, he founded Bazm-e-Urdu and Hyderabad Association and was president of both the organizations for six years. He is one of the directors of Metropolitan Asian Family Services, which provides comprehensive social services to Asian communities living in Chicago and its suburbs,
Born in Hyderabad, India, he obtained a B.A. degree from the Osmania University and served the university, in various capacities, for about 26 years. After his retirement in 1978, he was associated with King Abdul Aziz University for two years after which he held an executive post in a Saudi-owned company for about six years. In 1986, he migrated to Chicago. Here he started his own business with his sons.


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