Fifth Annual Bay Area Cricket Gala Awards

Milpitas, CA: The Fifth Annual Bay Area Cricket Alliance (BACA) Gala Awards Night ceremony for honoring member clubs and local cricket players was held on December 12, 2004. It was a crowded function attended by relatives, family members, friends and friends of players who took part in the matches. The function was held at the Sarovar Indian Cuisine in Milpitas, California. Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves was the special guest of honor. Other distinguished community leaders also attended the Gala Awards Night.

Over hundred awards were presented to t

Dr.Asghar with the award winners

eams and individuals who played in the summer league knock-out tournament, U-19 cricket players, Fourth of July cricket festival tournament and the interstate cricket competitions.

The Hindu Group Cricket Club of Sacramento won the 2004 Summer League Champion Award. The San Jose Demons Cricket Club got the 2004 Knock-out Tournament Champion Award. Aamir Khan of Tracy United Cricket Club won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award while Shiva Vashishat of Demons Cricket Club won the U-19 US All Star Team Member Award Speaking on the occasion Abrar Ahmad, Chairman of Bay Area Cricket Alliance observed, “We are delighted by the response we have received from our member clubs, players, community and community leaders during the Gala Awards Night. This only encourages the players to perform even better and the organization to work even harder to take the game of cricket to next level.”

Notable local business and community leaders who attended the Gala Awards Night included Jamil Khan, local bus
inessman; Dr. Fayaz Asghar, Cardiologist, San Jose; Sher I. Iqbal, Speedee Oil Change; Anil Yadav, President of JACK IN THE BOX in Northern California.

The Gala Awards presentation was hosted by Sandeep Chahal and Chandransu Chaudhry of Bay Area Cricket Alliance. Live music and entertainment was provided by singer Mandeep Singh and DJ Services of Desi-Connexion.

The major sponsors of the Bay Area Cricket Alliance Gala Awards Night included the Jamil Khan Enterprise, Speedee Oil Change, Malik Husain of Century21 and Headways Technologies.

Bay Area Cricket Alliance made its debut in 1999 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then to become one of the best organized cricket leagues in the US. BACA currently has 16 teams and more than 200 members play in this League.

Mayor Jose Esteves with BACA Chairman and Secretary

The League cricket is played April through October each year followed by a knockout competition for the League teams. The cricket grounds are obtained from schools with the help of Parks and Recreation Departments, County, School Districts and local committees. As of now BACA league cricket is played on ten different grounds from San Jose to Sacramento. In most instances, the grounds are shared by two teams, at least.

In addition to theabove mentioned League games, BACA promotes cricket by organizing tournaments and parallel activities for its members. It hosts a variety of other cricketing events by inviting teams from all over the US and sends its representative teams to play in other states. The organization is constantly working to promote the game at all levels, particularly in schools.

In 2000, BACA started the Youth Cricket Program. The Summer Cricket Camp for Youth was also a great success. Nearly thirty children in the age group of 10-13 years were part of the program in 2002. Coaches were provided by the organization to infuse the art of playing cricket. Encouraged by the success of this event, BACA is planning to host similar events every year.

BesidesLleague cricket - the premier event - BACA organizes the 4th of July Cricket Festival to mark the US Independence Day celebrations, post-season Knock-out Tournament and Summer Youth Cricket Camp each year. Its success is largely attributable to support of local schools, businesses ,and community leaders.
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