It Pays to Be Energy Efficient: Financing Energy Efficiency

How can you gain a competitive edge in your industry, save money, reduce operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction?

Energy efficiency. Investing in energy efficiency can help your bottom line and save you hundreds on your utility bills each year. Energy-efficient products use less energy to operate, reducing your small business’ total energy use by as much as 30%. Within a short time period, these savings often pay back the initial cost, turning a small investment into huge savings.

Here is a list of how you can begin to make energy efficiency pay off for you:
- Determine what equipment is draining your profits through a FREE energy assessment. Programs throughout the state offer free on-site, over the phone, and on-line energy assessments to help you learn about what equipment is consuming the most energy and dollars in your facility - and what actions you can take to start saving. An energy professional will inspect your facility and identify no- and low-cost energy saving tips you can use immediately. They will also provide a report that outlines the benefits of the recommended tips, showing you how much energy and money you will save. Lastly, the professional will provide you with information on incentive programs to help you pay for recommended energy equipment improvements and replacements.

- Take advantage of rebates and loans. Rebates are free money - available when you purchase and install eligible energy-efficient equipment. Some rebates can help you save up to 100% of the cost! For example, the EnergySmart Grocer Program offers rebates that can cover between 20% and 100% of the cost of more than 50 energy-saving measures. There are also lending institutions that provide financial assistance, low-interest rates and consulting services - to help you pay for larger energy improvements, like the installation of ENERGY STARâ products.

- Talk with your landlord. Nearly half of California’s small business owners rent or lease space and the majority pay the utility bills. If you are a tenant, you may have concerns about making energy efficiency improvements in a building owned by another person. Talk with your landlord about how you can work together to improve the value of the property and lower your utility bills through energy efficiency.

To start saving money and energy, contact Flex Your Power at or visit our website at for a list of regional, statewide, and industry specific energy efficiency programs, and financial lenders that provide the services listed above. You can also contact your utility company for small business information at PG&E (800) 468-4743, SCE (800) 736-4777, SoCal Gas (800) 427-2000, or SDG&E (800) 644-6133. Ask about the Express Efficiency Program and your eligibility of up to $200,000 in rebates!
With more than 1,000 incentive and technical assistance programs in California, everyone can find opportunities to finance energy efficiency at Flex Your Power.


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