Building Muslim Unity - One Step at a Time

By Lisette Poole

Chicago: The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT), a national coalition of the ten largest organizations, is engaging various segments of the American Muslim community in regular two-way communication to ensure that every group is consulted and its views and concerns are reflected in the decisions and statements of the AMT.

This communication is taking place on several levels: interpersonally, through members of the AMT board, and regular telephone calls and e-mails, AMT sources said.

It is gratifying that the Muslim Journal, the official organ of Imam W. D. Muhammad’s community, has published two full-page articles about the AMT.

The first of these two articles titled “American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections” was published on page 5 of the October 22, 2004 issue. The second is printed on page 6 of the October 29 issue, and it is titled ‘AMT tries to impact election with qualified endorsement of Kerry underlining Muslim demands for protection of civil liberties’. The Muslim Journal is read by thousands of African American Muslims.

The AMT has also received extensive coverage in Bengali, Urdu and Arabic language newspapers.

AMT is currently initiating dialogue with Latin American Muslims in Los Angeles and Texas


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