ISNA Endorses MPAC’s Anti-Terrorism Campaign

The Muslim Public Affairs Council has announced the endorsement of its National Anti-Terrorism campaign by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest Islamic organization in the US representing over 600 mosques. The campaign was launched earlier this year in response to the Justice Department’s announcement of an impending terrorist attack and recommends substantive steps American mosques can take to protect themselves, the nation, and the American Muslim community.

“MPAC hopes to partner with mosques across the nation in implementing the security measures outlined in the campaign.

“MPAC is pleased to partner with ISNA, one of the most respected Islamic organizations in the world, and finds its assistance in our efforts to establish a nationwide network of partnering mosques to be invaluable. ISNA’s endorsement, and more importantly its partnership, is a momentous occasion in the history of the American Muslim community. It represents the unified effort of major national Muslim organizations and grassroots communities in taking a strong stand against terrorism and making substantive efforts to protect our nation,” the announcement says.

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