Shura Elections

The Nomination Committee has announced the results of the elections held on October 10, 2004 in the Shura Council Annual Meeting hosted by UMMA Community Clinic. The results are as follows:

Name Affiliation Term of Service

Dr. Mustafa Kuko Islamic Center of Riverside 3 years

Dr. Zaher Azzawi Islamic Society of Claremont 3 years

Sr. Saide Khan Islamic Education Center of Orange County 3 Years

Br. Tawfiq Deek West Coast Islamic Center (Masjid Al-Ansar) 1 year

“The Nomination Committee expressed its deep appreciation and thanks to the members for their support to conduct the elections in a fair and transparent manner. The ballot counting was also witnessed and certified by an independent observer Br. Jameel Momand of Islamic Center of Southern California along with the Nomination Committee members, who later congratulated the Shura Council for conducting a fair and transparent elections. The Nomination Committee requested the members to provide any feedback to further improve the election process.


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