Coalition of Pakistani Americans Endorses Kerry

New York. The Coalition of Pakistani Americans held a press conference in Queens to endorse John Kerry for President in the coming election. The members of several Pakistani organizations including Pakistan Day Parade Committee, Pakistan League of America, Pakistan Center USA, Pakistani Woman Owned Business Association, Pakistan Cultural Society, Pakistan Society of Staten Island, Pakistan Democratic Forum, Pakistani Unity Council, Coalition of Democratic Forces of Pakistan, Muslim Day Parade Committee and Kashmir Center, along with PPPP, and PML(N) USA participated in their respective capacities to endorse the Democratic party presidential candidates.

Dr Khalid Luqman, convener of the Coalition, in his statement said the Bush administration has failed miserably to bring prosperity in the country and to provide security to US citizens. His domestic policies brought unemployment to a record high, more citizens lost health insurance than at any other time, and the minimum wage did not go up in the last four years while commodity prices sky rocketed. He turned a five trillion dollars surplus to a three trillion dollar deficit.

Referring to the Pakistani community’s issues Dr. Luqman said that President Bush never spared Pakistanis. He said he believes that with the change in president ship, protection of civil liberties will top Kerry’s agenda and no Pakistani will be harassed, arrested or deported. Luqman said unlike President Bush, Kerry will not target Pakistanis for sure. John Kerry and his Democratic Party are maintaining positive and soft posture


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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