Facts, Principles & Law on the Side of the Kashmiris

Washington, DC: Mowahid Hussain Shah, Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab, now visiting United States, Wednesday said “facts, principles and law” are on the side of the Kashmir cause, and it was imperative for the Pakistani community to reach out and educate the people of the true nature of the issue.

He referred to the specific UN and UNSC resolutions calling for plebiscite in Kashmir.

He was the keynote speaker at a function held to observe ‘Kashmir Black Day.’ It was organized by the Rising Leaders of the National Pakistani Students’ Associations (NPSAs), at the Pakistan Embassy.

Mr. Mowahid Shah highlighted the spirit of “constant striving” in “a logical manner,” which would certainly culminate into success. “In fact, one day, it would be a day of hope,” he said of the black day observance.

A special feature of the function was a spectacular briefing by Osman Ashai, a Kashmiri-American student; Hafsa Kanjwal, another Kashmiri-American student; and Hyder Syed, Co-Chair, NPSA. The three have returned from a visit to held Kashmir.

The Kashmiris observe black day every year to mark the event when the Indian forces entered Srinagar on October 27, 1947. On both sides of the Line of Control, massive strikes take place and life stops as the Kashmiri people protest their occupation.

Mr. Mowahid said it was important to look at Palestinian issue for witnessing “similarities” in the Kashmir struggle and the Palestinian dispute. He quoted from history to highlight the issue of Kashmir. It was late Nehru who had gone to the world fraternity, assured the United Nations that Kashmiris deserve right to self-determination, but a fair and free plebiscite had been denied to them, and excesses were committed against innocent Kashmiri people, 90,000 of whom had been killed from 1989 onwards, when the indigenous uprising took a new turn.



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