Political Maturity of Pakistani Americans Lauded

Washington, DC: Charge d’Affaires Embassy of Pakistan Mohammad Sadiq Friday praised political maturity being demonstrated by Pakistani-American community, and said it was encouraging that the Pakistanis were getting more and more involved in the American system.

He observed this at the inaugural session of Young American Democrats of Pakistan origin, at a function held in a local hotel in Virginia. He said the Pakistani-Americans are very professional and energetic people, and they can do even better if they venture and strive harder. He mentioned the successful launching of the Congressional Pakistan caucus at the Hill, within a short time.

By taking initiatives, stepping forward and getting involved, he said,Mr. “you can promote your interests, as well as contribute towards the US-Pakistan relations.”

He said the United States is a mosaic of different cultural and religious groups, and by pursuing professional tasks, Pakistani-Americans will keep their identity while remaining part of mainstream America. He congratulated the Pakistani-American youth, who are members of the Democratic Party, for launching a political organization, and said it reflects sense of commitment and political maturity. Such organizations, he said, should help train Pakistani-American youth in political activism.

Mr Sadiq commended Mohsen Awan, President of Young American Democrats (PYD), for his efforts and initiatives.

Earlier, Wasif Shakeel, Executive Director of PYD, made opening remarks, while Kahan Singh Dhillion, co-chair of PYD, thanked the participants saying that he was proud in being “a Pakistani.”

In his welcome remarks, Mohsen Awan stressed the need for the Pakistani community to get actively involved in the political, social, economic and educational life of America. “We need to become a visible group,” he stressed.


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