IECRC Celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr in Fremont
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

The Islamic Educational and Cultural Research Council (IECRC) organized Eid-ul-Fitr prayers and an Eid Mela on Sunday November 14, 2004 at the Munoz Hall in Fremont, California. The gathering drew a large crowd representing different cultures and backgrounds from the Bay Area and beyond, including Antioch, Pittsburg, Tracy and Sacramento.

Eid prayers in Fremont

The event began with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Mohammad Yaseen Khan, followed by various moving Naat recitations in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Mr. Sharaaz Khan Qadri of IECRC Sacramento, then delivered a lecture on the spirit of the Eid Al Adha celebration of sharing with those in need. He said that the celebration came to be called Eid for the simple reason that the believers are told at that time: Return to your dwelling places, knowing that you have been granted forgiveness.

The Eid prayers were also led by Mr. Qadri followed by the traditional religious sermon. This was followed by the traditional salaam recitation of the famous Qaseedah Burdah Shareef and the Salaam-e-Raza. The religious services concluded with heartfelt supplications led by Mr. Nayeem Fatany who prayed for the welfare of the entire community, locally and around the world.

The IECRC had arranged a Children’s Fair after the religious program. The fair included games for kids and the cartoon character Elmo, with whom the youngsters had a most enjoyable time. Traditional dresses of children, men and women rendered color to the Eid fair. The children were given gifts by the IECRC and also received Eidi from elders.
The Eid-ul-Fitr gathering was also an occasion for the adults to meet their friends and relatives and enjoy food of different types served at the festival.

The IECRC is a non-profit, non-political, tax-exempt organization devoted to providing academic and spiritual resources to diverse religious and cultural groups. As a community service organization, established in 2002 in the East Bay, California, IECRC is based on the model of the centuries old Islamic tradition of bringing peace and harmony to society by addressing the essential needs of people regardless of their cast, creed, color or religion, says its founder president, Dr. Mohammad Ahmed Qadri.

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