PACCC to Serve as Bridge between US & Pakistan
By Naushad Sarwar

Established in 1989, the Pakistan American Chamber of Commerce Council (PACCC) seems poised to expand all over the US as its activities gain momentum year after year. This was the impression one gained after attending a recent PACCC meeting in Los Angeles Mr. Noor Muhammad Jadmani and Commercial Consular Shahid Taar were present at a PACCC Board meeting at the Holiday Inn Hotel, LAX.

Speakers at the PACCC meeting

“PACCC, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the development and promotion of commercial and trade activities between the business communities of Pakistan and United States of America,” said Mr. Waqar Ali Khan, Chairman and founder of the organization. He wanted to see Pakistanis doing more trade with the US with the support and active participation of his organization.

President Arif Mansuri, in his remarks, stressed the fact that the PACCC with its commitment could serve as a bridge between the business communities of the US and Pakistan. It could effectively protect and project the interests of companies and citizens of the United States and vice versa. “PACCC is a contributor to a healthy social and business relationship between Pakistan and the USA and we offer ourselves as a conduit through which the business communities on either side can express and resolve their difficulties, as well as share their good fortune,” Mr. Mansuri added.

“Every effort will be made to protect the goals of PACCC and Mr. Shahid Taar, Commercial Counsel of Los Angeles, will have direct contact with the board providing commitment day in day out,” affirmed by Mr. Noor Muhammad Jadmani. He also said that macroeconomics of Pakistan is at its best and the PACCC could play a role in bringing more US business to the Pakistani market. “We are making realistic assessments, and looking for creative ways to establish strong ties between economic wings of Pakistan and the US and PACCC expertise is at hand to help support the cause,” he asserted.

Board members who attended the meeting included Mr. Waqar Ali Khan -Founder and Chairman; Haroon Sheikh - V. Chairman; Arif Mansuri - President and CEO; Mohammad Kalam - V. President; Fawad Saif - Treasurer, and Rohila Khan - Secretary General.

Presidents of various PACCC Chapters are: Arif Kazmi - President Central & South Arizona; Dr. Azam Khan - President North Arizona and Nevada; Shehbaz Merchant - President Iowa;, Syed Ali Naqvi - President Illinois; Haroon Sheikh - President - Texas (Houston); Manzoor Memon - President Elect Texas (Houston); Syed S. Zafar - President Florida; Rizwan Samad - President Seattle, Shafique Siddiqui - President New York; Shabbir Asghar - President North California; Aftab Ahmed - President Kentucky; Pervez Malik - President Texas (DFW); Nasir Choudhry - President California (Sacramento) ; and Raja Razaq - President Illinois (Chicago).


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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