SAN Announcement

The South Asian Network (SAN), a grassroots community-based organization dedicated to promoting the health, empowerment, and solidarity of persons of South Asian origin, has issued a community alert. Headlined ‘FBI Launches October Plan, Targeting Particular Communities’, the alert says: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security recently launched an “aggressive - even obvious -surveillance” plan for massive interrogations, surveillance and possible detentions. The plan is aimed at interrogating persons of “interest”, including their family members who may also be questioned.

If approached by government agents you may choose the following:

Do Not Open the Door. Without a court warrant, no one can enter your home unless you let them in.

Talk to them outside. If you feel that you want to talk to the agents, or if they say they have a warrant and you want to check it, step outside. Do not let them in the house to talk to them, because if you do this you are giving up the right to keep them out of your home.

Ask if you are Free to Leave. Whenever you speak with any government official, ask if you are free to leave and if the conversation is voluntary. If they say it is, or if they do not answer, then tell them that you want to talk to them later, with a lawyer. If you have a lawyer’s card, give it to them and tell them to contact your lawyer.

Do Not Lie to the Officers. Lying to the federal officers is a serious crime, whereas remaining silent is not. You are better off not answering questions than giving false answers.

Send a Citizen or Legal Resident to Talk. If you want someone to talk to the officers, send a citizen or legal resident to speak with them. Someone who is not documented should not speak to the agents if possible.

Never sign anything without reading, understanding, and knowing the consequences of signing any document.


Citizens and non-citizens have certain constitutional rights. Please be polite and assert your right. You have the right to:

Remain silent

Speak to a lawyer before answering questions

If you have recently been contacted/visited by the FBI, IMMIGRATION, or other LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies, please contact SAN immediately. 562 403 0488 / 800 281 8111 Hamid Khan or Shiu Chand



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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