Department of Homeland Security Offers Jobs
A Pakistan Link Report

Los Angeles: Mr. Dan Sudderland, Chief of the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Department of Homeland Security, was in Los Angeles last week to meet various community groups and initiate a “strategic relationship” with the Muslim American community.
In an interview with Pakistan Link, Mr. Sudderland said the strategic relationship that his Department seek to establish would focus on: “How can we identify issues of concern, how can we work together for each other’s benefits, and how to recruit.”
The Department of Homeland has a large number of job openings, he informed, adding, “it would be wonderful to have Muslim Americans” working for the Department.
He appeared satisfied with the discussions he had with various Muslim American groups during his visit. “We had great meetings,” he said, and in particular mentioned his two-and-a-half hour visit to the Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove where he had a fruitful meeting with eminent religious scholar Dr Muzammil Siddiqi and members of the Shura Council he heads.
A positive outcome of the meetings was that a number of measures were clearly spelled out and defined on how Muslim Americans could be recruited for the Department of Homeland Security, “how we can train our own personnel about Muslims and their culture,” and how a dialogue could be initiated between the Department of Homeland Security and Muslim Americans in different cities and counties for a better comprehension of each other’s perspective.
He advised the Muslim American community to “spend time with local law-enforcement and government officials in the area” they reside. Such contacts could serve as the “groundwork for better relationships,” Mr Sudderland opined.


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