Discussion on Kashmir at Stanford

Milpitas, CA: Stanford University’s Asia Pacific Research Center and India Community Center will co-host a discussion by two outstanding scholars - Dr. Rafiq Dossani and Dr. Henry Rowen - on the largely hostile, often violent relations between India and Pakistan, dating from their independence in 1947.
The talk will focus primarily on the most persistent conflict - over Kashmir - which has defied numerous international attempts at resolution and entered its most dangerous phase when both India and Pakistan became nuclear powers in 1998.
The lecture is scheduled for April 3, 2005, 3-5 p.m. at ICC Milpitas; it is free and open to all.
Dr. Rowen, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, said the issue of Kashmir has to be balanced out by the domestic agenda of each country. “Although major progress on Kashmir would have large benefits for both India and Pakistan, there are also domestic costs for each in tackling this topic,” he said, adding both have higher priority domestic issues to address.
Drs. Dossani and Rowen have jointly edited the book “Prospects for Peace in South Asia.”



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