Attention: Pakistan Link Advertisers

Pakistan Link is a community newspaper which makes strenuous efforts to keep its readers abreast of the latest news. The print edition appears every Friday while the Internet edition is updated every day and receives thousands of hits from all around the globe.
We generate our revenues through community-based businesses without whose support it would not be possible for us to render our services.
Most of our advertisers pay their bills on time; however, a few do need to be reminded time and again to clear their dues. We do keep reminding such clients, which is an irksome exercise, and makes it difficult for us to provide the quality of service that we would like to provide to the Pakistani-American community.
Members of our community would also like to know about such businesses so that they could be discreet in dealing with them. We would like to ask such advertisers to settle their dues with us immediately by contacting us at 949- 477-0100, via email, or by calling Kiran at 949- 477-0100.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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