War or Peace Symposium in the San Francisco Bay Area
By Ras H. Siddiqui

The American Institute of International Studies (AIIS) has planned a unique symposium in the San Francisco Bay area city of Newark on Sunday, April 10, 2005 to discuss the all-important issue of “War or Peace” in the context of the world today ,especially where Islam and the West currently seem to be at odds. The event will be held at the Chandni Restaurant located at 5748 Mowry School Road (Balentine Plaza, opposite the Newark Hilton), Newark CA 94560 at 2 PM.
Much has been said and written about Huntington’s “Clash of the Civilizations” in the past few years, and if one adds to that the tragic events of 9/11 coupled with the US war on Iraq based on incomplete or “mistaken” intelligence data, we have to take the opportunity to get together and discuss where the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel-Palestine and possibly other countries such as Iran or even Syria may lead us?
A very impressive group of invitees is expected to discuss this topic of “War or Peace”
and much more. Led by Guest of Honor US Congressman Pete Stark and keynote speaker former Congressman and prolific author Paul Findley, other guest speakers include Dr. Ivan Eland, Dr. Rick Allen, Dr. Lawrence Michalak, Dr. Hatim Bazian, Dr. Stephen Zunes and Syed R. Mahmood. The Conference will be moderated by Dr. Douglas Treadway, President of Ohlone College, Fremont.
The symposium itself is free but advanced registration is required. The dinner and keynote event ticket attendance comes with a $25.00 charge. Please contact the AIIS at Tel: 510-441-8839 or email INFO@AIIS-WEBSITE.ORG for registration and ticket information. The AIIS website can be accessed at www.aiis-website.org for those who are interested in more information or would like to become sponsors.



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