Invitation to Sponsor Rising Leaders Conference

Rising Leaders is hosting a training workshop/conference on “Strategic Vision -Planning for the Future” in Washington DC on April 23, 2005, according to a Pakistan Embassy message. It adds: The conference will set new goals for Rising Leaders. It will also assess the overall performance of Rising Leaders - looking beyond the much talked about successes of the organization - in order to further improve the focus of its activities. The conference participants will work in small groups to chart out a strategic vision for Rising Leaders.
Rising Leaders, in an incredibly short span of time, has attracted a strong membership across the country. It is now represented in all geographic regions of the United States. The conference on April 23 will provide members with the opportunity to give critical input on the organization and its phenomenal growth.
In the past, Rising Leaders has successfully hosted several conferences. The last conference in L.A. attracted some 250 participants. All our events have been sponsored by members of the Pakistani-American community.
The Pakistani-American community has shown support for Rising Leaders and the future generation of leaders that the organization is cultivating. Many successful Pakistani-Americans extend their support to Rising Leaders through sponsoring our events and help us become a visible community in the United States.
Rising Leaders invite you to sponsor the conference “Strategic Vision-Planning for the Future”, which will take place in Washington D.C. on April 23, 2005.
If you wish to support the activities of Rising Leaders please email us at for information or ways to maximize the results of your financial sponsorship.


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