Second Annual Dow Alumni Retreat
By Naushad Sarwar


Congressman Rohrabacher, Supervisor Chris Norve, Dr Ahsan Rashid and Mr. Safi Qureshey

Irvine, CA: There was a sense of attachment, a sense of belonging to the alma mater, and a vision for the future on the memorable evening of April 16, 2005 when Dowites - members of Dow Graduates Association of North America (APPNA) - met at Hilton Irvine on the occasion of the Second Annual Dow Alumni Retreat 2005.
The Dowites flew from different states of the US to testify to the strong bonds that exist between them and the Dow Medical College. As the evening progressed they furnished manifest evidence of how they are maintaining their Dow links and also doing their best to serve their alma mater.
The proceedings began with words of welcome by the dashing emcee of the evening, Dr Nasar Qureshi. The national anthems of the US and Pakistan were played following recitation from the Holy Qur’an. Dr Salma Agha soon after greeted fellow-Dowites. Dr Ahsan U. Rashid, Chairman, Host Committee, thereafter introduced prominent Dowites who had played a major role in arranging the meeting. “Nothing is impossible” if you remain persistent and steadfast in the pursuit of your goal, he remarked.
Quite a few Dowites spoke briefly to enliven the proceedings. Dr Syed Samad expressed appreciation for “some junior Dowites” who had made excellent presentations during the Dow Alumni Retreat. He happily remarked that the association of Dow graduates had covered considerable ground during a relatively short span of time. He informed the gathering that a Dow Endowment Fund had been recently created and it was planned to raise a million dollars. He added that a website “connects all Dowites” while Dowlink, a newsletter, keeps the members abreast of their activities. He also informed the gathering that the Dow Medical College will soon have an emergency trauma center.
Dr Nadeem Zafar said the association “does something that makes a difference in someone else’s life.” He said it was always good to meet friends who make a positive contribution in the life of individuals, groups, and communities.

Some of the invitees

Dr Khwaja Qayyum Ahmad who had a serious accident and was rehabilitated in life, thanks to the support of his Dow and APPNA friends, expressed his profuse gratitude to fellow Dowites. “I know the meaning of friendship,” he gratefully said.
The next speaker was Mr Safi Qureshey who made his mark in the IT sector as founder of AST. Described as “a friend of the community, a friend of APPNA,” by Dr Ahsan Rashid, the former AST chief exhorted the gathering to take measures for building the society. He then introduced Congressman Rohrabacher, an upholder of the “cause of justice, cause of freedom.”


The congressman described Mr Safi Qureshey as a “good friend,” a “great American.” He also made quite a few edifying remarks: “ The spiritual side of human beings connects people – Muslims and Christians… the fact that you are doctors and place a very high place on life, you are our greatest ally in the international arena … sound of life unites us on this planet … please speak up and be heard, condemn when Muslims are killed and condemn when Muslims kill Christians in the name of Islam. Tell fellow Americans that this is not Islam…” Life, liberty and happiness were not promised by the founding fathers for North European immigrants only. They were meant for all people, he said, to the applause of the gathering.
Supervisor Chris Norve, another distinguished guest speaker who visited Pakistan at age 23, spoke highly of the country and told the audience of how Pakistani medical professionals are making a difference in the field of medicine in the US and Pakistan.
Later, famous singer Alamgir electrified the gathering with his performance.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.