PALC Welcomes Rep. Stupak on Caucus

Washington, DC: Pakistani American Liaison Center has welcomed Congressman Bart Stupak (R-MI) on the Congressional Pakistan Caucus. The bi-partisan Pakistan Caucus, termed by its co-chair Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee the fastest growing Caucus in Congress, now has 65 members.
Rep. Stupak announced his decision to join the Pakistan Caucus in a letter addressed to his constituents, Mr. Asad and Mrs. Arifa Malik. Congressman Stupak said he enjoyed discussing US-Pakistani relations with his Pakistani-American constituents and that listening to “valid professional concerns” was enlightening. He said he joined the Pakistan Caucus to “stay abreast of issues affecting our countries.”
Welcoming Rep. Stupak on the Pakistan Caucus, Faiz Rehman, Executive Director of PALC, said: “Congressman Stupak’s membership on the Pakistan Caucus reflects a growing bi-partisan support for Pakistan and Pakistani Americans in US Congress. The rapid growth of the Caucus points toward the multi-faceted long-term US-Pakistan relations.
Pakistani American Liaison Center ( is a Washington-based group which helped found the bi-partisan Congressional Pakistan Caucus. The group coordinates the activities of the Caucus. Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) are the founding co-chairs of the Pakistan Caucus.



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