NCM Expo 2005 in New York

New York: NCM (New California Media), in partnership with the Independent Press Association-NY and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, will showcase ethnic media from across the country at the first national EXPO of its kind, held in New York City on June 9 at Columbia University. The ethnic media EXPO, held annually in California since 1998, brings together the newsmakers and decision makers from the fastest growing media sector in the country.
The NCM EXPO will showcase the explosive growth and impact of ethnic media in the country today. Ethnic media are collectively making up a communications grid that is reaching the farthest corners of the country and shaping the face of communications in states where minority populations are outpacing the majority – as in California, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, New York and others.
Convening at Columbia University’s Lerner Hall, advertisers, multicultural advertising firms, educators, elected officials and policy makers will connect with the media serving some 40 million immigrant residents as well as the more than 40 million in traditional minority communities like African American and Native American.
The NCM EXPO 2005 will open on the heels of NCM’s release of the first national 12-language poll of ethnic media usage. A similar survey by NCM conducted in California found 84 percent of ethnic residents regularly access ethnic radio, television or print media.
“In a global society, how do we communicate with each other?” says NCM executive director Sandy Close. “This is the critical challenge to everyone in communications today, and ethnic media are key to the answer.”
The NCM EXPO was launched as a venue for ethnic media to connect with one another and the broader civic and media landscape. This year’s event will feature general sessions and workshops on topics such as “Keeping Localism Alive in Journalism,” “Aggregating News from Ethnic Media,” and “Expanding Your Communications Strategies.”
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