NASA Honors Pakistani-Owned Company’s Role in ‘Return to Flight Program’

Jasmine Ali

Oakland, CA: Less than three weeks before predicting US astronauts would soon be launching aboard the space shuttle Discovery, NASA honored small IT consulting firm Bay Systems Consulting, Inc. ( for its role in aerospace testing, operations and maintenance at NASA’s Ames Research Center.
The organization also highlighted Bay Systems in a special publication featuring small businesses involved in NASA’s Return to Flight (RTF) program, for which Bay Systems Consulting provided thermal testing.
“We are delighted to have been recognized for our performance and hard work on critical NASA programs,” stated Bay Systems Consulting CEO I. Jasmine Ali. That recognition included a total of eight NASA Honor Awards for year 2005 on three projects. The company received five awards in recognition of outstanding contributions to NASA’s critical space shuttle RTF project, one award for excelling in developing the life sciences payloads for STS-107 Columbia and exhibiting great courage after the Columbia tragedy, and two awards for outstanding accomplishments in the development of a unique thermal protection system for the wing leading edge of the X-37 orbital vehicle.
It is not the first time NASA has recognized Bay Systems Consulting. Last year, the company received two NASA ACC 2004 Excellence Awards, a Jacob’s Safety Award and team recognition from the director of Ames Research Center.
In discussing Bay Systems Consulting’s work with NASA, Jasmine Ali attributed her company’s success to its people. “Our greatest strength is our staff,” she stated. “Bay Systems Consulting, Inc. has a team of accessible, qualified consultants who each have ten to fifteen years of experience and are leaders in their field. We could not have delivered this caliber of work without them.”
Jasmine Ali was born in Lahore, Pakistan. She received her bachelors in Psychology from Lahore College of Women, Pakistan.
Founded in 1997, Bay Systems Consulting is a small, woman- and minority-owned and operated business. The company excels in providing world-class consulting services for applied sciences and information technology. Bay Systems Consulting has successfully teamed with several top companies and is a preferred vendor of leading government and defense contractors for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


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