Phoenix Pakistanis Take the Lead

Rally and candle light vigil in downtown Tempe, Arizona

Phoenix: Phoenix Pakistani Americans took the lead and arranged a rally event on July 29 denouncing the London bombing and bombing anywhere else in the world with over 250 members of the community. Besides there were a large number of Asians/Latinos and local Americans who took part in the rally held in downtown Tempe where it had a major impact on the non-participating crowd and passers by.
The rally event was publicized by PICO for several weeks. Later Mr. Arif Kazmi, who organized the rally with the active support of his PICO companions took to task the major newspaper of the state, the Arizona Republic, for not covering the rally.

Naser Ahmad, President of the Scottsdale
Masjid Board and Arif Kazmi

In response, the editor of the paper wrote a long editorial (July 26 The Arizona Republic) supporting the rally and went to the extent of stating, "It is our fervent hope that the Valley Imams join him.." and said ," if Kazmi says, media have failed to cover the Muslim outcry.....Cry louder and more fervently..", describing the rally organizers as brave leaders.

On the day of the rally, the TV and radio channels extensively covered the event. The solidarity among the Pakistani Americans of Arizona was vividly in evidence and contributed to the success of the effort. PICO team members Kamran, Yousuf, Sardar and Javed were responsible for making the logistical arrangements the event.


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