AIM Urges Implementation of Commission’s Findings

Washington, DC: The Association of Indian Muslims of America (A.I.M.), an organization representing about 150,000 Indian Muslims in US, today appealed to the Government of India to implement the findings of the Nanavati Commission on the anti-Sikh riots in North India in 1984. About 4,000 Sikhs were killed in that riot.
AIM President Kaleem Kawaja urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to quickly prosecute all individuals and groups that the Nananavati Commission has implicated in the said anti-Sikh riot, regardless of their position in any political party or the government. Kawaja also thanked PM Singh for tendering an apology to the Sikh community on behalf of the Indian Government, on the occurrence of the said horrendous anti-Sikh riot.
In his statement Kawaja observed that in the last several decades many Commissions of Enquiry were set up by the Indian Government to investigate similarly horrendous anti-Muslim riots e.g. Mumbai, Meerut, Bhivandi, Bhagalpur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Nellie (Assam), Jamshedpur etal. But the findings of none of these Commissions has ever been implemented, and none of the culprits have ever been prosecuted.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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