Kashmiris Stage Global Protest against Indian Occupation

Chicago, IL: Kashmiris in Kashmir, the United States and worldwide observed the 58th anniversary of India’s Independence Day as a black day.
Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, the Executive Director of the Kashmiri American Council pointed out that “the studied unconcern by the international community has given a sense of total impunity to India. It has also created the impression that the international community is invidiously selective about the application of the principles of human rights and democracy.” Dr. Fai was addressing the 20,000 plus people in Chicago who came to attend the Pakistan Independence Day celebrations.
The Executive Director said that today the consensus is that Kashmir conflict remains the underlying cause of the nuclear confrontation between the two neighboring countries. Without a just and lasting peace in Kashmi r that vindicates self determination, trying to reduce missile and nuclear arsenals in South Asia will be an exercise in futility.
Dr Fai hopes that the leadership of India recognizes that there can be no settlement of the Kashmir issue, without the active and full participation of the people of Jammu and Kashmir living on both sides of the Ceasefire Line as well as those belonging to the Kashmiri diaspora.
The Executive Director expressed his concern over continued violations of human rights by Indian military and paramilitary forces in Jammu and Kashmir and urged the Government of India to give the peace process a chance and ensure that human rights are upheld in full measure.


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