Fundraiser Testifies to Community Support for Mike Duvall
By Naushad Sarwar

Mike Duvall
Paul Shaikh
Omar Zaki
Rahim Sabadia

We are bound to support civic leaders who represent citizens of all communities with a sense of fairness, compassion and justice. When a young resident of Yorba Linda, Rashid Alam, was brutally assaulted in a public park shortly after 9/11, Mike Duvall received a call from law enforcement at his home that night. As Mayor of Yorba Linda, it was his business to know what is going on in the city. Mike vigorously supported the investigation and hate crime prosecution of the attackers. Mr. Mike Duvall, Yorba Linda’s Mayor Pro-Team, is now running for the 72nd Assembly District representing North Orange County. He was honored at a fundraiser hosted jointly by Mr. and Mrs. Rahim Sabadia, Hamid and Javeeda Malik, Safi and Anita Qureshi, Rauf and Zeenat Gajiani, Belal Delati, and Sohail Simjee on Sunday, November 20, 2005 at the Yorba Linda residence of Mr Sabadia.

Pictures above: Guests and co-hosts including Safi Qureshey, Hamid Malik and Rauf Gajiani

Mr. Paul Shaikh, president of CAIR-CA PAC also graced the occasion. Mr. Shaikh conducted the pledge and thanked the invitees for supporting Mr. Duvall. “200,000 Muslims of Los Angeles County must support him as he is the right person to go to Sacramento and speak for all residents of the district,” he commented. He also asked the audience to get involved in community affairs and to feel proud of its cultural background and social values.
The host of the day, Mr. Rahim Sabadia, spiritedly announced his support “for the man I respect and my mentor”. “It is as clear as daylight how diligently Mr. Mike Duvall works even at nights for this community which includes the Muslims of Yorba Linda,” Mr. Sabadia thanked Mr Duvall for his continued support.
“In my book I list five dearest people whom I personally called and thanked for being my friend and being in my life, and Mr. Rahim Sabadia is one of them,” Mr. Mike Duvall claimed.

Mr. Duvall appreciated the Pakistani community for its support. “This community is one that I always feel comfortable working with and we need more individuals like Rahim Sabadia to come forward and play an active role in the city,” Mr. Duvall asserted. He assured a safe and protected environment for all communities, including the Muslims of Orange County and promised to be the fair and balanced voice in Sacramento.
The fundraising event was a complete success.



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