Dr Amir Ali Passes Away

Dr. Amir Ali passed away November 19, 2005. He was dedicated to the cause of Islam in North America and consistently strove to elevate the image of Islam and Muslims by providing the correct information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization from authentic sources.
Dr. Amir Ali wrote and read many articles, both in print and on the Internet. His collection, written by many authors, represents those he felt were the best ones showing what Islam is, what Muslims are, what Muslims believe, what political views Muslims hold, and the condition of the Islamic world.
Mir Amir Ali was born on August 6, 1937 in Hyderabad Deccan. In 1967, Amir was admitted to the University of Illinois at Chicago where he began his doctorate studies and received his Ph.D. in bio-organic chemistry in 1972.
After obtaining his doctorate degree, Amir worked at a number of hospitals, eventually becoming the Director of the clinical laboratories at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago.
In 1986 Amir moved back to Chicago. By this time, he had learned a tremendous amount about Islam and felt that he had spent enough time earning a living for himself and dedicated the rest of his life to the service of Allah. He chose to live with a poverty level income and founded the Institute of Islamic Information and Education with the mission of educating the people of North America about Islam. At the time, the III&E was the only organization in North America that dedicated 100% of its time and resources on the education of non-Muslims and new Muslims about Islam.
Amir Ali lived a simple life. He never owned a home, despite many opportunities for doing so. He drove used cars, wore clothes until they were threadbare, and had little money to spare. He invested whatever money he had in books, always seeking to increase his knowledge. His personal library numbers hundreds of volumes. The last thing he was observed doing before he died was reading.
On November 14 he went for a heart scan and it was determined that he needed open-heart bypass surgery, which was successfully performed on the 16th. At 1 am on the morning of the 19th he was observed by the nurses to be sitting in his bed and reading. At 4 am, while he was sleeping, his heart slowed down and stopped. The doctors were unable to resuscitate him. He was buried in Chicago on the 20th. His burial marked one of the largest Muslim funeral gatherings in Chicago. Inna-Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raje’oun (we are all from Allah and we all return to Him)
His most earnest wish was that the work of the III&E continue after his death. Contributions to the III&E can be made online at www.iiie.net/donate.


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