Lifetime Achievement Award for Dr Amjad Hussain

Dr S. Amjad

Peshawar, Pakistan: On November 20, 2005 Khyber Medical College bestowed the first ever Life-Time Achievement Award on Dr. Sayed Amjad Hussain, Professor Emeritus Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at the Medical University of Ohio in the United States and a 1962 graduate of the college. He was recognized during the Golden Jubilee year of the College for his “Many contributions to his alma mater, his services to Peshawar and Pakistan and his unparallel accomplishments in the diverse fields of surgery, literature, journalism, interfaith dialogue, photography, explorations and also his role as a community leader in America and a philanthropist.”
Dr Amjad Hussain is also a regular columnist of Pakistan Link.
A Gold Medal and a Citation was presented to Dr. Amjad at a special meeting of the Academic Council of the College with invited guests and students in attendance.
In presenting the award Dr. Umar Ali, Principal and Dean Khyber Medical College, highlighted Dr Hussain’s career from his student days in the late fifties to his recent promotion to the prestigious rank of Professor Emeritus at the Medical University of Ohio. Dr. Hussain has published five Urdu and five English books on as varied a subject as religion, history, culture, politics and international relations and his photographs have appeared on the cover of 22 magazines and in a number of international calendars. As an explorer his Team Indus has explored and photographed, between 1987 and 1994, the entire length of the Indus River in Pakistan. In 1996 he led the team to reach and explore the origin of the River in Kailas Mountains of Western Tibet and laid claim to be the third group in history to reach the source.
Dr Ali particularly mentioned Dr. Amjad Hussain’s efforts in lending his voice and his pen on behalf of Pakistan and to promote inter-faith understanding and accommodation in America. Dr. Hussain is the author of over 500 newspaper and magazine articles in American and Pakistani publications. He has the unique distinction as a regular op-ed columnist on the pages of the daily Blade of Toledo, Ohio.
He also acknowledged Dr. Hussain’s services to his alma mater for the past 40 years. He mentioned Dr. Hussain’s annual visits to the college to teach, his efforts in the publication in 1992 of a comprehensive history of the College, the establishment of an endowed Visiting Professorship between Medical University of Ohio and Khyber Medical College and his frequent donation of medical equipment and materials to the institution.



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